Your Best Beet Recipe

March  5, 2010

This week, it's beet mania: Amanda and Merrill endure crimson-stained fingers and a pile of unruly greens while whipping up Dr. Zhivago Borscht by Naked Beet (no, her username has nothing to do with her finalist status) and French "Peasant" Beets by Amy_N-B. Watch the video, and then make sure to vote!

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    Merrill Stubbs
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This is a really tough decision. I wish I could vote for both. And I love the idea of putting juniper berries in borscht. So clever.
lastnightsdinner March 7, 2010
Two great recipes - I can't decide which one I like more, but I brought home enough beets this weekend to try them both.
NakedBeet March 5, 2010
Pretty fun watching you guys make the recipes!
Merrill S. March 6, 2010
So glad you liked it!