The Piglet

The Piglet's Final Round Twist

February  6, 2013

Welcome to the Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks! Every day we'll release a new Community Pick, and a new pair of books will face off to get closer to the coveted Piglet trophy. 

Every good story has a plot twist. That's the beauty of it, really: you get all cozy with the way things have been going, you think you know what to expect. And then! It turns! As quickly as a caramel's color can.

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Because we are fans of suspense -- and fans of good fiction, too -- we're going to have a little plot twist of our own. (Because, really, why should detective novels get to have all of the fun?) This year, come the final round of the Piglet, we'll have a surprise for you.

What will happen, you ask? Well, you'll just have to stick around and see. 

Happy Piglet-reading, and may the best book win! 



The Piglet—inspired by The Morning News' Tournament of Books—is where the 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off in a NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Watch the action and weigh in on the results!


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