Your Best Spinach Recipe

March 19, 2010

With our intrepid videographers timWuNotWoo and JimHero away this week, we return to our scrappy, DIY approach to cooking videos. But what we lack in directorial vision, editing skills, and technology we make up for with unconventional camera angles and silly captions. They don't call us "innovative" for nothing!

Watch as A&M make the Best Spinach Recipe finalists: shayma's Yoghurt & Spinach Dip, 'Borani Esfanaaj', in the Persian Manner and Lizthechef 's Spinach Gratin. Amanda projects her city girl fantasies of rural life onto panko and Merrill does her best Pepé Le Pew impression, repeatedly (it's quite good). And both forget one pesky detail: salt. 

See the video below, and then go vote!

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Rhonda35 March 21, 2010
There is a certain charm to your DIY videos that I miss when your cinematographers are around. It seems like you have more fun. As a short person, I admit to loving the beginning half of this video - now I know what it's like to be tall! It's actually not all that, I must say. ;-) Both of these recipes not only look/sound delicious, but also strike me as easy to add to one's repetoire. (spelling?) Thanks, again, for another wonderful video!
shayma March 19, 2010
i am with MrsWheelbarrow- this kicked off my weekend too, my husband and I just watched this and were laughing really hard by the end of it! you must have heard about the new Bill that someone is trying to pass in NYC regarding salt, right? hmmmmm.....tee hee
Kelsey B. March 19, 2010
Love it! As a fellow DIY video person I can say you did an excellent job - it's not easy. Also, you might like the JOBY tripod (the small one), I use mine all over the kitchen to attach the camera to knobs, cupboards at odd angles. Also, for the frozen spinach - a great way to get the water out is with a potato ricer.
MrsWheelbarrow March 19, 2010
Potato ricer! Brilliant!
Merrill S. March 19, 2010
We had a lot of fun filming this one -- thanks for your great comments!
Lizthechef March 19, 2010
I think you guys had more fun making my "grah-tin" than I did - thanks for all your effort and good spirits...BTW it was a typo re "pinches" of cayenne - a pinch will do just dandy, and yes, a little s & p ;)
NakedBeet March 19, 2010
confession: I'm a tapper, too. ; ) It must be a grandma thing, don't waste anything and put it back in the pot!!!
Amanda H. March 21, 2010
Every week after filming we say to ourselves -- use wooden utensils! -- and then instantly forget.
MrsWheelbarrow March 19, 2010
hahaha! this totally kicked off my weekend.
mrslarkin March 19, 2010
Thanks! THAT was enjoyable! 2 great recipes.
arielleclementine March 19, 2010
haha! this was awesome!