9 Ways to Do Breakfast in Bed

February  8, 2013

We tend to overlook the value of a real breakfast at home. Many of us barely wake up in time to brew coffee before we get out the door, much less prepare an entire meal.

Here we've provided nine mostly make-ahead breakfast recipes -- from sweet to savory and even a little boozy -- to inspire a lovely morning in. This Valentine's, with a little planning ahead, you can take your time, and stay warm and snug as you treat your sweetie to a repast in repose.

Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Puffs by fiveandspice

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breakfast puffs


Salvadoran Breakfast Cake (a.k.a Quesadillas) by Sasha (Global Table Adventure)



Bell-less, Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast by Kayb

french toast


Don't Hold the Anything Breakfast Bread Pudding by aargersi

breakfast bread pudding


Triple Pomegranate Smoothie by EmilyC

pomegranate smoothie


Aretha Frankenstein's Waffles of Insane Greatness by Genius Recipes



Soft Scrambled Eggs by merrill

soft scrambled eggs


Olive Oil Pancakes with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt by arielleclementine



Dirty Chai Toddy by gingerroot

dirty chai toddy


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Alex Lampert

Written by: Alex Lampert

I love beans, bikes, brown liquor and all things green. I am the salad queen. My modus operandi of late is working on long-term curing and fermenting projects.

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ATG117 February 8, 2013
Missing some yogurt. My all time favorite breakfast food.