One Dozen Eggs, Five Dinners

February 11, 2013

Put time into dinner now, and you can make it last forever -- or at least the whole week. Welcome to Halfway to Dinner, where we show you how to stretch your staples every which way. 

Today: Mimi Thorisson of Manger sets her table beautifully with eggs all week. Her husband documents.

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Whenever I make a shopping list, eggs are always at the top of it. It's the one ingredient I can never have enough of. I buy them at the fromagerie, where I am sure to get fresh local farm eggs, and they allow me to make my favorite dishes on a whim, whether chocolate swirl meringue, garden cake, or eggs en cocotte. Eggs are always within an arm's reach to satisfy any of my cooking ideas; they make me feel safe in the kitchen. Here are five of my favorite egg-based dishes -- here, it's all about comfort and warmth.

Eggs en Cocotte with Cream, Garlic and Thyme 
Eggs en cocotte is such a simple dish to make, much like a savory pudding. You can be so creative with the recipe by adding cheese, ham, herbs, tomatoes if you like. Anything goes. One of the versions I appreciate most is this one, rich in cream, nutmeg, garlic, and a sprig of fresh thyme. And I can't resist rubbing garlic on toasted baguette -- when you dip the bread in the creamy eggs, it's heavenly.

Poached Egg, Bacon and Celery Remoulade
For the celery remoulade, add mustard, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and crème fraîche to a sliced and julienned celery root, then fry a slice of bacon and poach the egg for three to four minutes. I love the nuttiness of the remoulade, mixed with the golden egg yolk and rich bacon. I always add a sprinkle of piment d'espelette, which makes any dish a dash more exciting.

Chanterelle Mushroom Omelette
There's something so rustic about a beautifully cooked omelette, especially when there are mushrooms involved. I always try to have a few packs of mushrooms in the freezer, so I can pop them out and make a perfect earthy omelette anytime. Add a sprinkle of fresh parsley or tarragon, a good glass of red wine, and fresh baguette -- now that's a fine dinner.

Comté Cheese Soufflé
Soufflés are such elegant dishes, all puffed up and golden. They can be quite intimidating at first, but they really are so easy to prepare. Use your favorite cheese, eggs, a dash of nutmeg, butter, and milk to create a crowd-pleasing dinner. Thirty minutes in the oven and it's ready in all its glory. My kids always ask for more, and I bet yours will too. I make sure to make extra portions.

Ratatouille with a Fried Egg
Perhaps one of the most comforting meals, ratatouille served with a golden fried egg on top, is a great classic Provençal dish. It's filled with just the right healthy ingredients to make your kitchen smell like a Mediterranean bouquet.

Eggs en Cocotte with Cream, Garlic and Thyme 

Serves 2 

3/4 cup cream (200 ml)
4 eggs
A sprig of fresh thyme
1 clove of garlic
½ teaspoon grated/ground nutmeg
1 tablespoon salted butter
Coarse salt and black pepper
A few slices of toasted baguette bread (or any bread you like)

See the full recipe (and save it and print it) here.

Photos by Oddur Thorisson

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Mimi Thorisson is the author of Manger, a blog devoted to French cooking, and the host of La Table de Mimi on Canal+ in France. After a career in television and having lived in Hong-Kong, Singapore, London, Reykjavik, and Paris, she settled with her photographer husband, five young children, two older stepchildren, and the family's fourteen dogs in a rural farmhouse in Médoc.


Deedledum February 28, 2017
Frozen mushrooms? Don't they turn into a heap of slime?
Sophia W. March 12, 2013
Can you post the mushroom omelette recipe please?
Miss M. February 18, 2013
Growing up as one of 10 people in the family, we quite often had eggs for dinner!

a cheap good protein winner
Foodiewithalife February 18, 2013
I'm having a love affair with eggs… great post! The fried egg ratatouille is a staple in my home.

Gret February 17, 2013
We always have eggs as a dinner,at least once a week. Our favorite is peppers, onions, sometimes mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, & a bit of basil inside a folded omelet with more on top. Along side is shared slices of ham steak, bacon or salad.
SeattleDee February 17, 2013
What a delicious reminder of the versatility of eggs. The list goes on with frittatas, eggs on hash, Deviled eggs, frisee salad with poached eggs, pasta carbonara, and lately eggs on pizza.
fiveandspice February 12, 2013
Gorgeous. Eggs really do make the most wonderful meals.
Colm M. February 11, 2013
I so want to try and make the Comté Cheese Soufflé,it looks really good,it was making me hungry just reading about it.congratulations on a great article.keep them coming,i love reading them.
Kitchen B. February 11, 2013
Great to see eggs star as the protein! And gorgeously photographed too! Delicious looking.