8 Things to Eat, Drink, and Do While Wearing Your Oscar Tux

February 22, 2013

You've made it to Friday, which means it's time to treat yourself to a roundup of links we love. Go ahead, procrastinate a little.

It's much more fun to think of black tie as a relative term, don't you think? Whatever it means to you (tuxedos, cut-offs, and wetsuits -- if you're a certain 6-year-old we know -- are all acceptable answers here), go put it on in anticipation of this Sunday! We'll wait. 

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This year, we're watching the Oscars from whatever color carpet we have on our living room floors, and we're planning to snack, sip, and strut (hey, they're our living rooms) in style. 

• Drink a Zero Dark Thirsty while you eat a Breast of the Southern Wild. Then kick yourself for not coming up with these puns first.

• Wear an Oscar-worthy dress, and never be without snacks. Hungry? Good. There's a cupcake on your skirt. (Really.) 


• Popcorn can wear black tie too, you know.

• Dresses. Paired with drinks. And desserts. 

• Catch up with a nominee's trailer: Redemption, a film about can collectors.

• The red carpet is great and all, but we might be in it (just a little) for this ad, airing one-time only on Sunday.

• How do you take your Oscar cocktails -- shaken or stirred

• And this. Because we couldn't resist babies dressed up like Oscar nominees.