Potato Salad

When in Doubt, Throw on Herbs

June 11, 2013

As a defiant response to Sad Desk Lunches, the Food52 team works to keep our midday meals both interesting and pretty -- even if they're eaten while our eyes are on the screen. Each week, we'll be sharing our happiest desk lunches -- and we want to see yours, too.

Today, Kenzi lets a handful of herbs do the lunchtime legwork for her.

Kenzi's Salad

Kenzi says:
This is the story of how I douse everything in fresh herbs -- last night's potato salad was no different. Here: potatoes, breakfast radishes, asparagus, and every herb that I could manage to pluck from my (tiny) windowsill garden, all on a pretty Heath plate from the Food52 kitchen. This whole situation marinated in the fridge overnight, which kind of pickled the little radishes. Happy lunch, happy accident. 

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So pretty and healthy! I'm an "herbie" too. Recently discovered your site, and am a new follower - Love it!
Amanda H. June 22, 2013
Thank you -- and welcome to our community!
Amanda H. June 11, 2013
This is like my dream lunch. Thanks, Kenzi!
Author Comment
Kenzi W. June 12, 2013
Next time I'll share!
Marian B. June 11, 2013
Hard boiled eggs are such a lunchtime secret weapon. Also I can vouch for how tasty this was because I stole some of it.