How to Get Early Access to Provisions and Earn Store Credit!

June 17, 2013

Though Christmas is far away, it feels like the holidays here at Food52; we've been showing off layer cakes on brand-new cake stands, been slicing into pies with still-shiny servers, been sprinkling our steaks and our chops and our vegetables with spice blends we'll use over and over.

Amanda Merrill

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The air at Food52 is buzzing -- because soon, our new store, Provisions, will be launching. Soon, we'll be able to share these new finds -- these products and staples that have found a home in our new kitchen -- with you, our community.

Here's how to join in on the fun.

Seersucker napkin Oyster

• If you've already signed up, congrats -- you already have a $10 credit (and if you haven't, head over and sign up now!).

• Once you've signed up, you can invite your friends. They'll get a $10 credit as well -- and when they purchase something, you'll earn an extra $25 credit.

• Want early access? If you invite 3 or more friends, you can come check out Provisions before we open to the public.

So tie on your apron, and we'll see you over at Provisions. We can't wait!

Cake Stand Clam knives

All Provisions credits are subject to approval, and a minimum purchase may apply.

Photos by James Ransom

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ATG117 June 17, 2013
When do we learn more about the new kitchen?
ChefJune June 17, 2013
I tried to invite friends, but when I got to the page, there was no link. So how do I do that?
Amanda H. June 17, 2013
Hi ChefJune -- have you claimed your credit? If not, when you do this, there's a page for inviting friends. And if you have already claimed your credit, look for the link beneath the sign up box on the Provisions page.
ChefJune June 17, 2013
I have claimed my credit, but I didn't see a link beneath the sign up box.
ChefJune June 17, 2013
I clicked on the link that said "Invite your Friends," but was taken to a page where there was no place to enter email addresses other than mine.
Amanda H. June 17, 2013
Shoot! Under the sign-up box on the Provisions page there should be a line that says: "Already claimed your credit? Invite Friends to earn more credit and early access! " And Invite Friends should be a link. Please let me know if you're not seeing this, and if not, what browser you're in. Thanks.
Amanda H. June 17, 2013
Any chance you can take a screenshot and email it to us? We want to fix this!
Alexandra G. June 17, 2013
This launch coming 'soon' has been taking forever... Pure torture! lol
Emma W. June 17, 2013
But it will all be worth it, we promise!