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Test Kitchen Outtakes: We All Scream

June 19, 2013

Those who drive ice cream trucks must feel a little bit like Santa, without the polyester suit or the whole not existing thing. You give people ice cream, they love you, you listen to killer music all day. We're excited to do something similar this week: to share our favorite frozen dessert recipes with you, and hear what you think of them all. First, though, we had to test a lot of frozen desserts -- and eat a lot of ice cream. Take a look at what it took below, and keep an eye out for Community Picks and Finalists later this week!


Fact: there is nothing like eating ice cream out of a cone to make you feel like you're seven years old, you're on summer vacation, and life is good. We were so excited when these cones arrived yesterday -- for styling purposes, sure, but also because they're the most fun.

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Icebox Cake

You may remember us talking on Twitter last week about a heated icebox cake-related debate at Food52 HQ. (Vertical or horizontal stacking? Things got kind of intense.) Well, we've all finally settled on our favorite way to eat it -- and we'll be sharing it with you soon. As you can tell, it was well received.


You had probably already assumed this, but Kristen's ice cream scooping game is spot-on. Unfortunately, she doesn't travel from place to place with a high-pitched soundtrack of nursery rhymes; otherwise, she'd make a great ice cream lady.

Tell us: what's your flavor?

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull


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Pgolpira June 19, 2013
cornberry -- sweet corn ice cream with raspberry/blackberry swirl (Jenni's Splendid Ice Creams) and Salty Black Licorice (Humphrey Slocumb)