Wild Ramp Pesto

May  7, 2010

Watch A&M make saenyc's Wild Ramp Pesto -- Amanda divulges how she put the pesto to work for a tasty late-night dinner and Merrill shares a nifty trick she learned from Rachael Ray. We'd like to give a big thanks to videographer Joshua Hume for his first-rate shooting and editing and for providing the lighting and sound equipment that made this video possible.

To learn more about ramps, check out our interview with a local ramp forager.


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  • drbabs
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  • Amanda Hesser
    Amanda Hesser
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drbabs May 8, 2010
So jealous that Union Square has ramps--i've been running all over the place here on LI to try and get rhubarb to test a recipe and haven't been able to find it. (Don't even ask me about ramps.) Next stop: Fairway.
aargersi May 7, 2010
This looks great! Jealous that you get to go to Union Square market, and THEN buy ramps. Both of you have very shiny hair today.
Amanda H. May 7, 2010
We were hoping you'd notice that!