Our Latest Contest: A&M Smackdown / Your Best Tomato Recipe

August  5, 2013

For our new contest, Amanda and Merrill are facing off over tomatoes -- and we still want your best recipes, too!  

Here at Food52, there are certain things we put on a pedestal: asparagus in the spring, almond paste year round and -- perhaps our favorite -- tomatoes come August. 

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This year, we're raising the bar on how we celebrate our favorite fruit. Readers, brace yourselves: for our newest contest, we're bringing back the A&M Smackdown

For those of you unfamiliar, Amanda and Merrill will face off, each with their own tomato recipe. Ruthless competition will ensue, and then you'll vote on which you like best.

Have a tomato recipe you think is worthy of a Community Pick? Throw it in the ring! We'll still be accepting your recipe submissions and awarding Community Picks, because although we can't wait to see what Amanda and Merrill will bring to the table, we don't want to miss out on your gems, either. 

The only rules include fair play, beautiful tomatoes, and a little patience -- we'll be posting our Community Picks a week later than usual. 

Now get thee to the market, and then to the contest page. We all have some tomatoes to eat. 

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    Kenzi Wilbur
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sexyLAMBCHOPx August 5, 2013
this contest should be fun!
Gabriele August 5, 2013
No contest: whole grain bread tomato and cheese sandwich. each day, every day, as long as tomatoes are ... well ... still tasting like tomatoes.
AntoniaJames August 5, 2013
Hey, I'm confused. On the Home Page, it says the contest is for your best "Raw" tomato recipe. Is that an error, or should this page be corrected? Thank you! ;o)
Kenzi W. August 5, 2013
That was a mistake! Your tomato dish does not have to be raw in order to be considered. Submit away!