Your Photos: Snack Time

September  5, 2013

The start of the school year brings back memories of homework, oversized backpacks, and the rapid onset of sweater season. If long days of study come with any reward (besides the wonders of learning, that is), it's in the form of snacks: mid-morning snacks, after-school snacks, bedtime snacks, midnight snacks, and "just because" snacks.

Nothing gets us through 3 p.m. algebra -- or these days, a boring conference -- quite like the anticipation of a thick a slice of banana bread waiting on the other side. And when we can't have the real thing, your photos from Instagram are enough to help us survive another day of school, work, or -- thank goodness for the weekends -- play.


Clockwise from left, these 'grams come from: foodfotoflingovenhaven_camilacdias, and chitrangadakundu


Clockwise from left, these 'grams come from: migloriousvalrizzo, emcdowell, and divasparkle21

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