Winner of the A&M Smackdown / Your Best Tomato Recipe

September  4, 2013

It was a long, tough battle, but the votes are in. The winner of the latest A&M Smackdown is (drumroll, please) Amanda, with her Roasted Tomato Jam

But since we are of the opinion that in our contests, everyone is a winner, we wanted to hear from both of our finalists. Here are Amanda and Merrill, with a few words on the heated competition. And we'll start taking votes, now -- what do you think they should go head-to-head over next? Let us know in the comments. 

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Merrill: As usual, the A&M Smackdown was fraught with both joy and heartache. We both gave it our all, and in the end the better contestant was victorious. (And I will concede that Amanda's jam is pretty amazing.) We're now 2-2, so the next one's the tiebreaker!

Amanda: I tasted Merrill's golden tomato salad, and I think you're all mistaken! Plus I sort of enjoyed my underdog status. But now -- next year -- the pressure is on! Can you let us know the theme so I can start preparing?

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pierino September 5, 2013
I'm still waiting for "nose to tail, part II". Bring on the offal.
Kukla September 5, 2013
Congratulations to you both - I loved both recipes!!!
Merrill S. September 5, 2013
Thanks for being so kind, everyone!
Rhonda35 September 4, 2013
Congrats, Amanda! Merrill, I'm making your salad again tonight. (Mmm...) How about your best 5 ingredients or less recipe? (Not counting salt, pepper, water, olive oil.)
Lizthechef September 4, 2013
Pretty hard choice - both recipes were terrific...
Kitchen B. September 4, 2013
Your best Nigerian recipe - Ancient or Modern! For purely selfish reason (aren't all selfish reason's purely so.)

Congratulations to you both - I loved both recipes, and its definitely tomato season here so will give both a go!
AntoniaJames September 4, 2013
Your best pantry dinner . . . . not a fancy theme, I know, but oh, how I'd love to see the FOOD52 community show us their best in this categaory. And who doesn't need more (excellent) pantry dinner recipes? Thanks for asking. ;o)