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Biscotti di Vino

September  9, 2013

Jenny is in perpetual search for easy, weeknight recipes to attempt to feed her family. When they balk, she just eats more.

Today: A cocktail snack worthy of Spirit Week. 

Biscotti di Vino by Food52

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One day I decided that my workplace would be greatly enhanced by “spirit week,” the sort that used to animate my high school days, during which everyone would come to school in pajamas, or wearing cheerleading uniforms.

Of course, I did not wear a cheerleading uniform; in fact I sat in the park across from school pulling on a Merit and showing dark disdain for my classmates during this period. But now as an adult, I felt the need to reclaim this tradition, by torturing my colleagues, who gamely, if somewhat grumpily agreed to wear crazy hats and the like for a quiet week of August. 

Their favorite day of all, of course, was cocktails and snacks day, for which I offered Biscotti di Vino among the treats. Make no mistake, this recipe will confuse some people. They will reach in expecting some mildly sweet cookie, and will be rewarded instead with a mouth of wine. 

This is a weird but really great savory snack that pairs well with every sort of cocktail but especially vino, of course, and could not be more of a cinch to make. I used a fairly nice Pinot and my best olive oil, which may have been slightly fruitier than we all needed. Next time I might try vegetable oil and let the wine do the talking. I got way way more biscotti than 24 -- almost double really -- but that may be because I made them on the small side. 

Go team!

Biscotti di Vino by cucina di mamina

Makes around 24 biscotti

1 cup red wine (full-bodied)
1 cup vegetable or olive oil
4 1/2 cups flour
3/4 cups organic granulated sugar (unbleached)
2 teaspoons salt

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photo by James Ransom

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Written by: Jestei

The ratio of people to cake is too big.


Jann September 10, 2013
[email protected]. Please send me your recipe for taralli!!!! I love them.
cucina D. September 10, 2013
Jann, thanks for commenting about taralli. I am currently working on refining our family recipes as their are many of them in the mix. We made taralli in the fall and winter to enjoy during all the holidays. Visit my blog and you will see my recipe for taralli very soon.
cucina D. September 9, 2013
Many thanks Jesti for featuring my biscotti di vino recipe in your article. I love that you enjoyed them as much as we do and even though these were originally designed to be served before and after dinner, we find ourselves reaching for them all day long (even at breakfast.) Molto grazie!
Brette W. September 9, 2013
These were so good. I ate them for breakfast.
healthierkitchen September 9, 2013
I think these are similar or same as taralli? Love these with an aparetivo!
ryanm September 9, 2013
I was thinking the same thing, though the taralli I've had have been made with white wine. Same idea, though, and probably just as good.
cucina D. September 9, 2013
These biscotti are somewhat similar to taralli, but in our famiglia"'s recipe, the taralli has little to no sugar and are made with white wine and even a shot of sweet liquor.