Provisions Pinterest Roundup: Let's Bake

September 26, 2013

You may have noticed that we've got baking on the brain (ahem, Layer Cakes) -- and we're pretty sure you do, too. Because who doesn't dream of beautifully layered cakes, sumptuous pies, and perfectly indulgent tea-time scones?

Layer Cakes

While you're scrolling through Provisions to see our latest goods, check out these pins from our Provisions Pinterest scouts for more inspiration. They have found colorful measuring cups, pans for making decadent chocolate sauces, and trays for showing off your creations, and we're pretty confident that they'll make you want to bake -- whether it's rainy, clear-skied, or just that kind of day.

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 Measuring cups

Measuring cups pinned by Beth Kirby

Porcelain canisters

Porcelain canisters perfect for flour and sugar pinned by Hannah Ferrara

White scalloped baking dishes

Scalloped baking dishes pinned by Beth Kirby

Enamel saucpan 

Enamel saucepan pinned by Clara Artschwager

Fog Linen trays

Trays pinned by Beth Kirby

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    Hannah Nickerson
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Hannah N. September 26, 2013
Love this post, Maggie! Those scalloped baking dishes just went on my wish list -- along with everything else in Layer Cakes.
MaggieRosenthal September 26, 2013
Thanks, Hannah! I agree, I totally want those baking dishes for Christmas. (It's never too early to start planning, right? Forwarding the Layer Cakes collection to my family in that case....)