7 Fabulous Layer Cake Recipes

September 20, 2013

Picture this: your friend's birthday is approaching. It's go-time. You want to do something nice -- and after weighing retail fixes vs. labors of love, you decide to bake them a cake. You want to demonstrate effort more than a funfetti mix, but not on the 255 layer Guinness World Record winning level. 

We propose making them a two layer cake: simple, yet quietly impressive. Since each layer is comprised of the same batter, only one round of patient oven-babysitting is required. All you need to do is study our how-to-guide to discover the ease of inserting a flavorful divide into your cake of choice. If your cake happens to turn out a little less moist or sweet than anticipated, there is no saying you can't counteract that by adding a few more sugary layers.

Don't fret -- if you are still feeling a bit anxious about executing, try a slicing aid and remember candles!

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Carrot Cake with Cardamom by hollyshaner

Photo by James Ransom


Not Red Velvet Cake with Fudge Glaze by Abs

Photo by Food52


Butter-Toasted-Walnut Layer Cake by Nostravia_ca

Photo by James Ransom


Grown Up Birthday Cake by Midge

Photo by Sarah Shatz


Chocolate Thai Green Curry Cake by raspberryeggplant

Photo by James Ransom


Chocolate Dump-It Cake by Amanda Hesser 

Photo by James Ransom


And for the best, most loyal friend:

Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Cake by Yossi Arefi

Photo by Yossi Arefi




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