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Your Photos: Baking Bad

September 26, 2013

In anticipation of the Breaking Bad series finale (just three more days!), we began Baking Bad instead. While we wouldn't encourage you to bake up anything similar to what Walter White's got in the oven, your Instagram photos of tarts, cookies, galettes, and loaves of bread prove that you all are just as skilled as him. Minus the whole meth thing.


Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from:talzip, franky_carboneovilab, and idgemendiola

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Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: limlydianovelisamylifeinsourdough, and earthyfeast.

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I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.