Freshly Picked: Apples

September 27, 2013

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- so following that lead, we'll be making recipe collections to go alongside those that are in Provisions. Because recipes want to be together, too.

Today: Take full advantage of apple season

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When summer ended, we were too busy mourning the loss of tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplants that we completely forgot about the bounty that was coming our way. But then Provisions reminded us that apple season was about to be in full swing, with a collection that gives us all the tools to store, peel, spice, and bake our favorite fall fruit. 


Now, it doesn't take much to make an apple delicious -- one of life's simplest pleasures is plucking one straight from the tree and taking a bite. But we couldn't stop there, so we pulled together a collection of recipes that'll help you work through the bushels you'll be gathering all season long. 


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AntoniaJames September 27, 2013
I asked this question on the Hotline, but perhaps the editors could answer it here . . . are the slices made by the apple/peeler/corer tool too thin for making a double crust pie, such as the new Wildcard winner? Or (the engineer in me wants to know), can you disable the coring and slicing mechanism -- by pushing it out of the way, I suppose -- so that you only peel the apple, allowing for hand cutting thicker slices and coring by hand? Thanks! ;o)
Greenstuff September 28, 2013
I can answer that question from the one I own and from the picture--both the corer and the slicer are easily removed by unscrewing the wing nuts that are holding them on. Those parts are then easily lost, which is why mine has only peeled for more than 20 years! But I still keep it around, it comes in handy on occasion.