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8 Gussied-Up Casseroles

October  4, 2013

The words casserole and glamorous have probably never been used in the same sentence.  And maybe there’s a good reason for that. Casseroles conjure up sub-par potlucks, Sunday night dinners with your weird aunt (and her cats), and -- gasp! -- soup from a can.  

Come on. Before permanently relegating them to the “Avoid at All Costs” folder in your brain, give casseroles a chance. They can be much, much more than all your leftovers mixed together with a can of Cream o’ Mushroom. In fact, to get technical for a second, a casserole is simply anything baked in a casserole dish (thank you, Webster’s).  Which opens up a whole world of possibilities. 

We’re not saying you can’t have the classics, we’re just saying why stop there?  Get creative with your casserole dish -- go sweet with a Fig and Anise Clafoutis, throw together a Savory Bread Pudding, or get a little fancy with the Pasta Al Forno with Pumpkin and Pancetta.  Heck, these recipes are good enough to convert even the staunchest of casserole-haters and blow the pants off your next potluck.  Especially if you make them in this

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Because, in the end, casseroles are pretty much comfort in a dish.  Don’t give up on them just yet.

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Savory Bread Pudding by kamileon


Tuna Noodle Casserole - Redux by fiveandspice

tuna casserole


Pasta Al Forno with Pumpkin and Pancetta by Merrill Stubbs


Spinach Gratin by Lizthechef

spinach gratin



Turkey Tetrazzini by QueenofGreen

turkey tet


Homemade Green Bean Casserole by brooke's kitchen

green bean casserole


Chard Gratin by Amanda Hesser



Fig and Anise Clafoutis by Oui, Chef


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