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Put a Filter on It: Your Morning Routine

October 18, 2013

It's no secret -- we love a good 'gram. Here, we'll be posting our favorite Instagram from the food world, on a different theme each week. This week, we want to see the recipe for your morning. 

1. Wake up and curse the alarm.
2. Slam the snooze button.
3. Ten minutes later, hit it again. 
4. Stumble into the kitchen and try to stay awake while the coffee filters.
5. Down one cup quickly. Then drink another at a more reasonable pace.
6. Eat leftover pie for breakfast.

That's our morning routine -- and now we want to hear about yours. Whether its messy and caffeine-centric like ours or elegant and pristine like this shot from thethingswekeep, snap a photo of your morning ritual (but have a cup of coffee first). 

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