Finger Limes and How to Use Them

December  7, 2013

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Today: Pop Rocks come in an all-natural lime flavor.

Finger Limes and How to Use Them, from Food52

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Finger limes are a type of tiny citrus -- microcitrus actually -- native to Australia. Their name comes from the fact that they are about the size and shape of a finger (they max out at around 3 inches in length), and both the peel and the pulp come in a rainbow of colors. The pulp (more properly called juice vesicles) of most citrus fruit looks like elongated teardrops, but finger lime’s vesicles are tiny little balls -- a tart, fruit caviar that holds its shape until the beads burst in your mouth (in case their diminutive size and wide range of colors weren't enough fun for you).

All About Finger Limes, from Food52

Look for finger limes at specialty grocery stores -- in some parts of California, you might be able to find finger limes at your farmers market. Select finger limes with brightly-colored skin (1); small brown patches (2) won’t affect flavor, but steer clear of specimens with dull, dry, shriveled skin (they’re past their prime). Store them in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic for a couple of weeks, and if you don’t have any luck finding them locally, you can always order them online

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Finger Limes and How to Use Them, from Food52

Cut your finger limes in half, and squeeze up from the bottom to release the pulp (3) -- anywhere you’d use a squeeze of lime juice, substitute a small amount of pulp. 

Garnish with Abandon
Top oysters, scallops, or sushi (any seafood really) with finger lime pulp. Treat your vegetarian friends to nigiri sushi with avocado or papaya and a flourish of finger lime pulp. Take cocktails to the next level; try them in a finger lime mojito or an elderflower gin fizz, or even a basic gin and tonic.

Finger Limes and How to Use Them, from Food52

Elevate a Salad
Top off a fruit salad with a sprinkling of finger lime pulp -- just leave out any other citrus to let the finger limes be the star of the show. Or try them in a fancy fruit pairing, with persimmons and ginger or watermelon and whipped feta. Enjoy them in a savory salad too, or replace citrus juice in a vinaigrette with finger lime pulp for a burst of flavor with every bite.

Finger Limes and How to Use Them, from Food52

Give Your Desserts Some Flair
Finger lime pulp can be used in a citrus curd or suspended in a cheesecake. Or, try finger limes in cookiesice cream, or on top of cream puffs.

Let us know your favorite ways to use finger limes (or how you'd like to try using them) in the comments!

Photos by James Ransom 

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Brian S. July 28, 2020
I live in San Pablo Ca. I bought a finger lime tree over the internet. I have had it 2 years and it produces loads of finger limes. Great in a vinaigrette.
KSR November 3, 2020
I'm in SoCal - do you remember what company you got your tree from? Thanks!
Derek May 30, 2018
You can buy finger limes and seeds direct from their native source at Fortune Finger Limes in Queensland Australia
Barb April 2, 2017
Where can I buy finger lime plants?
Katerina K. November 17, 2016
Can please someone help me? where can i buy finger limes seeds??
Jeff P. November 19, 2016
Hi Kateina, I did a search online using Google and found a number of places that sell finger lime seeds here in the United States. I'm not sure where you're located, but have you looked online for mail-order seeds?
Katerina K. November 20, 2016
Thank you for your answer!
Actually I am looking for lime finger seeds and I am from Greece.
I have checked on ebay but is all sold out.
I will keep searching though...
Thanks again for your concern :)
Carolyn T. December 9, 2013
Those cute little devils are a bit hard to find, but they're very fun to include in cooking. I used them in a pork chop dish with a basil relish that included the "caviar" from the finger limes. It was delicious. It's on my blog:
Carolyn T
Melissa's P. December 9, 2013
@Food52 - Who are you getting produce from? We would love to help support your content needs!
- Nick Q
Melissa's Produce
Panfusine December 9, 2013
Is this Melissa's produce the same brand that carries Finger limes at Wegman's Supermarket in New Jersey? If So, I owe you a BIG THANK YOU for the opportunity to sample these beauties
Chocolate B. December 9, 2013
Oh, these limes are divine. I had my first one last year and was so enchanted that I sent for a finger lime tree from a citrus tree place back east. Here in OR I can leave it out for most of the year, but at the moment I have had to move it indoors due to the really low temps we're enduring. The tree is only a couple of feet tall so far, but I have high hopes that it will start producing some fruit before too long.
Panfusine December 8, 2013
Its one of the most delightful produce around, I use them as garnish for hors d'oeuvres
Pegeen December 8, 2013
It looks like citrus caviar!