Our Pinterest Scouts' Favorite Edible Gifts

December 12, 2013

This year's combination of Thanksgiving and Hannukah falling on the very same day has left us worn out -- and a little full -- but it's not time to put your feet up just yet. Christmas and New Years are on their way! It's the season of getting together with friends and family, the season of gift-giving.

We've all heard that it's the thought that counts when it comes to choosing the right gift, and we agree -- it's not about spending the most money, or out-doing everyone else. It's about letting someone know you care, and what better way to do that than with something they can eat?

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We've asked our Provisions Pinterest scouts for their favorite edible gifts to give -- and receive. Read on to find out what they said, and start making new wintry traditions of your own:

Sanda: I think immediately of cookies (white chocolate and orange), granola (all kinds), artisan chocolate, infused olive oils, salt with all kinds of herbs. These are ones I made for my friends and family.

Beth: Flavored salts and sugars, chocolate truffles, marshmallows, infused spirits, and infusions of any kind -- oil, honey, vinegar, a nice simple syrup. Basically the sort of thing you don't have to gorge yourself on all at once lest they go bad. Cookies are great and all, but you can only eat so many! I like to give and get stuff that can be used or eaten over a slightly longer period of time.

Chelsea: Lemon Curd -- I use my great-grandmother's recipe from Yorkshire!


Emiko: With Italian in-laws, one of the favorite holiday gifts passed around when visiting friends or relatives is torrone, an Italian nougat. It's great with a little dessert wine at the end of a meal or, for a sweet kick in that afternoon lull with an espresso! I finally made my own for last week's column, too!

Alexandra: I have a few treats I always make this time of year to give as gifts: Melissa Clark's rosemary shortbread (so good!), toasted muesli (basically granola, but less sweet, and I never add the dried fruit or puffed cereal), and vanilla-almond biscotti. When I'm expecting company, I always make a couple loaves of honey whole wheat bread (an old Bakery Lane Cookbook recipe) or if I'm pressed for time, a no-knead oatmeal toasting bread. I loving giving homemade bread as gifts because so many people don't make it, and they are often so appreciative and in awe. 

Caramel corn

Ginny: I really like these popcorns: G. H. Cretors Chicago Mix and Pipcorn's Rosemary or Truffle popcorn. I LOVE pies from the Pie Shop in Atlanta so, so much. The cheeses from Many Fold Farm are heavenly- particularly the Brebis and the Garrett's Ferry. The Condor's Ruin is a good stinky cheese but it is quite pungent and not for the faint of heart!

Luisa: My favorite thing is Karen DeMasco's Cashew Brittle - amazing, addictive stuff that's easy to make in bulk.

Fruition 5 Bar Chocolate Tasting Set  Fruition 5 Bar Chocolate Tasting Set

Clara: I love giving something local! I live in Brooklyn, so local beer, or chocolate (like Mast Brothers), or McClure's pickles are my favorite things to give. If it's homemade, I love spoiling people with a homemade sea salt and olive oil granola.

Cindy: I love to gift homemade marshmallows. They are super easy, impressive, and last for days! Plus, who doesn't love a mug of hot chocolate crowned with a fluffy marshmallow? 

Naomi: My favorite holiday edible gift to give is Homemade Cranberry Curd. It's seasonal (and so easy to make), so everyone always looks forward to it and it's great for making quick and easy desserts like little Cranberry Meringue Tartlets.

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Tell us: What are your favorite edible gifts to give and get?

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