Sprinkle Bakes

July  6, 2010

Tiramisu Ladyfingers and pug

Heather Baird's blog Sprinkle Bakes is, very simply, about making dessert beautiful. A boon to anyone who's suffered the humiliation of failed desserts -- from misshapen layer cake to toppled croquembouche -- Heather's blog aims to soothe our frustrations and fears with beautiful tutorials, step-by-step instructions and recipes for bakers at all levels. 

In a post about her first Daring Bakers challenge, Heather documents -- in gorgeous detail -- a fully homemade tiramisu: making her own lady fingers, espresso-dusted chocolate curls, even mascarpone cheese from scratch (it's as easy as making your own ricotta -- which is to say it's as easy as adding lemon juice to hot milk). Also, don't miss her tutorial on how to make chocolate dessert cups using water balloons (complete with animated gif!).

Before she was a pastry artist and blogger, Heather was an aspiring painter, working in galleries for local artisans. She still paints, but now channels her creativity into assembling, styling and shooting the sweet works of art that fill her blog.

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And the sprinkles? Heather explains, "Maybe it's the kid inside me that never went out, or the kid outside me that never went in. However you want to look at it, I love sprinkles of any kind. They are joyful, colorful, interesting, special. And concerning dessert, that's just how I like it."

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gabrielaskitchen July 8, 2010
cute pug....and beautiful pastry!
Biscuit's A. July 7, 2010
Having enjoyed many of Heather's meals, I can attest to the fact that she is a wonderful artist!
Rhonda35 July 6, 2010
Wow - this is a blog that is right up my alley!
What a beautiful tiramisu! And I thought Sprinkle was your cute little dog too! You ladies have now inspired me to make my own mascarpone :-)
Kitchen B. July 6, 2010
Just to let you know the link to Heather's Tiramisu post is broken. Heather, I love your blog, such beautiful photos........... *sigh*, i love the world of food and foodies!
Author Comment
Food52 July 6, 2010
Thanks for pointing that out, Kitchen Butterfly! The link should be fixed now.
aargersi July 6, 2010
Really nice blog - the pictures are great !! At first I thought "Sprinkle" was the pug, and that he was baking, and I thought Wow - some talented dog!!!
mrslarkin July 6, 2010
Oh, pretty! This is such a lovely blog. I use a similar method for homemade mascarpone, too! It's fantastic stuff.