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5 Links to Read Before Making Stir-Fry

January 29, 2014

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master something new in the kitchen. Culinary greatness, here you come.

Today: Grab your wok -- we're stir-frying tonight.

When you get home from a long day of work, you're probably more likely to reach for your phone than your wok. We know it's tempting, but resist the urge to dial your favorite take-out spot, and make your own stir-fry for dinner. These links will give you a basic primer on the principles of stir-frying, so you can have a restaurant-quality meal on your table in record time. Take that, take-out!

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Thai Basil Stir-FryMa Po TofuSichuanese Dry-Fried Green BeansStir-Fried Cabbage with Fennel Seeds

  • Get back to basics with this wok skills tutorial. (Serious Eats.)
  • Everything you need for a superb stir-fry. (The Kitchn.)
  • You don't need a recipe for stir-fry! Just remember these 6 simple steps. (Food52.)
  • And don't forget these three essential rules for stir-frying. (Slate.)

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    Juliana Bernal
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Juliana B. February 4, 2014
I would like to read everything about smoked food and how to reheat it?
AntoniaJames January 29, 2014
Your question: "What do you want to read about next?" My answer: How to use a pressure cooker to make great weeknight meals. Please. And thank you. ;o)
shjelmberg January 29, 2014
I agree!
Lauren K. January 29, 2014
Great suggestion! Putting it on the list of upcoming posts.
Chocolate B. January 29, 2014
Would love, love, love a tutorial on using pressure cookers. Mine just arrived from Amazon today. I'm excited, but also more than a bit apprehensive.
Lauren K. January 29, 2014
It's settled! Next week's Required Reading post will be all about pressure cookers :)
Chocolate B. January 29, 2014
Hooray, and thanks!
CarlaCooks January 30, 2014
So looking forward to the pressure cooker article! I used mine last night to make a spelt risotto (my first time cooking with spelt berries). I used 200 g spelt and 500 mL vegetable stock (of course, I started with sautéeing red onion and garlic, added the slept to toast it a bit, then added the stock). Cooked at low pressure for 9 or 10 minutes and it was perfect! I added some roasted pumpkin, savoy cabbage, and soft goat cheese. Roasted pumpkin seeds topped it off and added a nice crunch. I'd love some more pressure cooker recipes.