13 Recipes Starring Your Cast Iron Skillet

March  2, 2014

In the pantheon of kitchen greats, brightly colored KitchenAid mixers and stately Le Creusets -- the kind of gifts you might receive for a wedding (or get married so that someone gives them to you) -- might first come to mind. Or your attention may dart to the gleaming knife that fits perfectly in your hand and renders you a kitchen samurai.

The cast iron skillet gets its due devotion, yes, but no one's talking about it for its sexiness. Heavy and austere, it doesn't get gussied up when company comes over; it can't be tossed in the dishwasher with the other pans, and for that, it's sometimes misunderstood -- taken for stubborn, nostalgic, fussy. Given a chance, though, it cozies into your heart and garners the same sort of lifelong loyalty as those candy-colored mixers, only perhaps more fervent, precisely because it is so humble. It fries like no other; it gives meats a killer crust and does double duty in the oven. Here are 13 recipes for your skillet to bring sexy back.

The Best Pan Roasted Potatoes by Gretchen @ Backyardnotes

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Sunday Steak with French Butter by thirschfeld


Turnip Greens Frittata by Amanda Hesser


Avocado Cornbread by aargersi


Japanese-Style Fried Tofu by Madhuja


Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Gruyere by fiveandspice


Yogurt Bread with Molasses by Marian Bull


Chicken Under a Brick with Pickled Peppers by Amanda Hesser


Goat Cheese Grits with Red Eye Gravy, Country Ham, and a Fried Egg by Beth Kirby | {local milk}


Ode to the Caseus Cheese Truck by mrslarkin


David Eyre's Pancake by Amanda Hesser


Persimmon Latkes by QueenSashy


Smoky Fried Chickpeas by Aliwaks



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luvbuzz March 9, 2014
The article is entitled,"13 Recipes Starring Your Cast Iron Skillet". However the first photo shows FORGED iron skillet being used. Big faux pas, I'd say.
Author Comment
Rémy R. March 9, 2014
Hey -- good eye! I thought about that, too, but the recipe itself says to use a cast iron skillet. (And, in any case, the potatoes cook well in a heavy iron pan, so that one fit the bill.)
luvbuzz March 9, 2014
They still look yummy!
Author Comment
Rémy R. March 9, 2014
They most certainly are!
Chef C. March 9, 2014
I assume this pan is induction cooktop friendly. Looks like a worthy partner to my old yellow le creuset. All terrific recipes too
FerndaleFoodie March 9, 2014
I want to make every one of these recipes. March is all sewn up now.
Diana F. March 9, 2014
Sorry I was wrong it is made out of iron.
luvbuzz March 9, 2014
but is FORGED IRON ...not a CAST IRON skillet at all.
Diana F. March 9, 2014
We love this pan. I gave it to my husband for Christmas and we use it all the time. It is now the go to pan in the house. It is made out of a solid piece so steel. You treat it like cast iron.
rreid01 March 9, 2014
That's a steel skillet in the main picture for the article...
Bethany March 9, 2014
Lol. I was thinking the same thing! Somebody goofed.
the T. March 9, 2014
Must have been free-ish to swipe off the internets (the picture). I guess, though, that a seasoned steel pan like that will do just about everything a cast iron pan can and be lighter and smoother (and more prone to warping, though I guess even cast iron will shatter if you push it the right way). But yeah, the title of the article *is* the title of the article...
Amanda H. March 9, 2014
It looks like steel but it's actually an iron skillet -- it's this one:
luvbuzz March 9, 2014
Somebody DID goof, Bethany. It is a Forged iron skillet and not CAST iron as the title stated. I am not saying it is not a nice pan but just that it is not a cast iron skillet.
Amanda H. March 9, 2014
Forged or cast, both kinds of iron skillet would work extremely well for these dishes -- even a nice steel skillet would.
luvbuzz March 9, 2014
Of course they do, Amanda! I was just noticing the misnomer in the title.
annemai March 11, 2014
Amanda, alas, the link is broken. Returns a "oops! That page doesn't exist" :(
Amanda H. March 11, 2014
Thanks annemai for pointing this out. The link should work now: