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Tell Us Your Favorite Food Blogs!

March  7, 2014

You like to read. We like to read. So, dear readers, we're asking for your recommendations.

When, like us, you divide your time between cooking food and talking about food -- and we suspect many of you do -- you end up doing a lot of reading. From our own site to the zillions of others we obsessively follow, it's safe to say we adore food blogs.

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So we want to know: What are your favorite food blogs? What about them makes your heart pitter-patter? From writing to recipes to photography, we're always looking for more inspiration, and we've got more than enough love to go around. Send some our way in the comments -- we'll just be over here, baking cookies and popping up popcorn and gearing up for an awesome Internet binge fest.

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On Black & Highly Flavored, co-hosts Derek Kirk and Tamara Celeste shine a light on the need-to-know movers and shakers of our food & beverage industry.

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  • Everymenuprices
  • Justinaugust
  • Anna
  • Jay
  • Denise
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Everymenuprices September 12, 2021
If anyone wants to read about menu prices, then i must recommend
Justinaugust July 2, 2021
I think its one of the best blog.Its really awesome blog. I love your blog and i follow new unique kitchen products with price catalogue.
Anna September 20, 2014
My favorite blog for Spanish food stories is at - and of course Just moved here and these two are setting the scene for me.
Jay April 2, 2014
i would recommend in case you are looking for indian food that go beyond the regular naan and chicken tikka variety.
Denise April 1, 2014
Justine F. April 1, 2014
I run a food blog called Ticket to Tasty - and others I enjoy include Oh She Glows, Smitten Kitchen, Fearless Homemaker. Cheers!
Miachel P. April 1, 2014
I dig reading Oh She Glows, The First Mess, and my own Spiced Curiosity. With a healthy dose of Genius Recipes. :)
allstar379 April 1, 2014
I actually have my own food blog - I spotlight different ingredients/cultures each month and try various recipes that revolve around that theme :)
Alex March 25, 2014
I second Tracy below with Pantry No. 7! Great recipe's/photos and they review L.A. restaurants! (my city baby) Great work Tracy!
kerthy F. March 25, 2014
I'm very fond of bigsislittledish
It is a wonderful gluten-free blog that aspires to fine dining and elegant pastry - something that is tough to do with gluten-free. The stories about food and travel and memory, really resonate and inspire me to cook. It's the first source I check when looking to make something new!
Tracy C. March 24, 2014
Some of my favorite blogs include manger, ladyandpups, and our very own pantryno7!
Kitchen K. March 13, 2014
Well, my all-time favorite blog is my own, Kitchen Konfidence :) Other than that, I really enjoy 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, Green Kitchen Stories, and Sprouted Kitchen to name just a few. Gosh, my Feedly list is HUGE! Joy the Baker, How Sweet It Is, Happyolks, Matt Bites, Aida Mollenkamp, White On Rice Couple, What's Gaby Cooking, Lottie + Doof, Honestly YUM, and I think I'll stop there. But I could keep going ;)
Nancy H. March 12, 2014
I write a weekly column/blog for Gannett at

Please check it out! Folks are loving the stories and recipes and love the restaurant too. You can find us at Thanks friends!
Laurie A. March 12, 2014
Ultimate Hot Chocolate ( is my absolute favourite. She reviews hot chocolates around the world. Great hot chocolate/travel read.
Grace March 11, 2014
Happyolks, Green Kitchen Stories, Cookie and Kate, The Sunday Table, Sprouted Kitchen, The First Mess, The Year In Food, Not My Salt, My New Roots & More!
ame March 10, 2014 My absolute favourite! Simple recipes, with stuff you're likely to have lying around
yellowIsland March 10, 2014
I love "What I Haven't Cooked Yet". It's wonderful for great ideas for produce from farmers' markets and CSA's. It has just moved here:
adrienn.auerbach March 10, 2014
The best blog you can find! Every dish has a story behind it...impossible not to love it!
Patrick212 March 10, 2014
Too many! Top two: Homesick Texan for the food and Eating the Daisies for the writing.
Caroline D. March 10, 2014
My go-to food blog is

The recipes are so easy to follow and always delicious. They fit into my busy weekday schedule. Secrets of a Home Cook has tons of quicks tips and shortcuts that make cooking fun!