This Frozen Coffee Is as Quick as Instant Coffee (But It Actually Tastes Good)

I’m a Cometeer convert.

April 25, 2022
Photo by Cometeer

For someone who lives and breathes food and beverage, I am certifiably not a coffee snob. I own zero coffee equipment, have no caffeine routine, and have never made coffee at home. It’s not that I don’t like stuff, I’m just deeply un-fussy about it. Pass me the $1 bodega brew or even that $7 latte (thanks, NYC)—I’m fine with either. Until about a month ago, having to go out for coffee hadn’t been an issue; I’d been working in person or was at school where a cup of Joe was never too far away. Now that my job is mostly remote, I've been looking for a low-lift way to have coffee at home without having to invest any money, or precious storage space, in equipment. Enter Cometeer.

Cometeer is basically excellent, instant coffee. It’s not instant in the usual way, either—it’s brewed and flash frozen in capsules. I pop the frozen pod in a mug and pour in 6oz of boiling water for hot coffee, or leave it in the fridge overnight and mix the melted coffee with milk for an iced latte situation the next morning. It’s ready in literally seconds. For those who have invested precious storage space in coffee equipment, Cometeer’s capsules even fit into Keurig. Pour a melted pod over vanilla ice cream for an affogato, or add it to a milkshake—whatever you feel like!

While I am a coffee newbie, Cometeer is made for pros. It was developed by engineers to extract coffee from the beans for an ultra-concentrated brew. With the help of some liquid nitrogen, Cometeer freezes its capsules to -321°F immediately after extraction—that’s really freaking cold! They arrive at your door and you keep them in your (regular, not super cold) freezer, where they can last for 18+ months. (No spoiled coffee grounds here.) Packed in dry ice, Cometeer ships 32 pods for $64 right to your door, shipping included. That comes out to $2 a cup (take that $7 latte).

Though the tech is impressive, the quality of Cometeer is what really gets me excited. The coffee is sustainably sourced and expertly brewed every time. Cometeer partners with roasters around the country including Oakland’s Red Bay, NYC’s Joe Coffee and Birch, and Go Get Em Tiger in LA. Each roast is extracted differently according to its unique needs to make the best version of that particular coffee. And because the content of the capsule is just frozen liquid, no grounds, the aluminum pods are entirely recyclable. Maybe I am a coffee snob now.

Have you tried Cometeer? Let us know in the comments!

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Lucy Simon

Written by: Lucy Simon

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Sur365 July 23, 2022
Great...more waste with "convenient" pods.
steph6767 July 23, 2022
Hmmmm….fully recyclable aluminum pods….not sure where the “waste” comes in. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Sur365 July 24, 2022
This is where it comes in 🤦🤦🤦
hannahmhi April 29, 2022
I love love love Cometeer. I can only drink caffeine in the morning and I wasn't satisfied with the decaf options I had. I get their decaf box once per month and I'm so happy that I get to have good coffee and not get all jittery. I thought it was a little gimmicky at first but I am continually blown away by how good the coffee is.
Michelle April 28, 2022
I love food52, but I do wish pieces like this were tagged as advertising. It’s styled to look like an article but reads as though written by Cometeer, the ad disclaimer appears after the article. I don’t mind that you sell to us, I’ve purchased a number of things on the f52 store, just label it up-front please.
tastysweet April 28, 2022
Just curious, how do you use a frozen coffee capsule in a keurig? I have to assume of course it's thawed out. Right?
Are these Espresso pods?
Lucy S. April 28, 2022
You thaw them in the fridge then pop the sealed pod in the Keurig! The hot water will pass through the pod just like your normal Keurig capsules. These are not espresso, but coffee brewed with 1/10 the water—so it's super concentrated!