Is there any real advantage to the handles that come up and over biscuit cutters? Am considering a reversible set (fluted / plain). ;o)

But of course, they don't have the handles. Your thoughts? Any good or bad experiences, either way? Thanks so much. ;o)



cranberry December 5, 2011
To me it depends on how many biscuits you generally plan to cut at once because the handled ones are easier on your hands. For a dozen or so, I'd go with the double sided. But if you do a lot for parties or whatever, then I'd get the handles.
Greenstuff December 5, 2011
I was just fingering a couple of sets! The handles have a nice feel, but the double sides give you a heck of a lot more for the buck!
boulangere December 5, 2011
Go for it!
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