What's your best basic buttermilk biscuit recipe?

Community, I find myself with a surfeit of buttermilk. REAL buttermilk -- the deliciously tangy stuff left over from churning butter. (And it's from raw dairy as well.) I figured I'd spend the time this rainy weekend with the kids making homemade biscuits. Which, I realize, is something I've never done (or maybe once, a decade or so ago).

So... is there a foolproof, kid-proof, biscuit recipe any of you recommend?

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone is happy and safe.

  • Posted by: Peter
  • April 16, 2020


Emma L. April 16, 2020
Hi Peter! That sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Here are some ideas:

These biscuits from Shirley O. Corriher are one of the earliest Genius Recipes: https://food52.com/recipes/15432-shirley-corriher-s-touch-of-grace-biscuits. And I've never had a Shirley *or* Genius Recipe let me down.

I also love Posie Brien's scone and biscuit recipes. If you search through her profile (https://food52.com/users/18740-posie-harwood-brien/recipes), she has a bunch of great ones there.

And while these are called scones—there's little difference if you ask me!—it's a buttermilk-based recipe that I love coming back to: https://food52.com/recipes/76615-spanakopita-scones.
Peter April 16, 2020
Emma, thanks so much. I'm a BIG fan of Kristen's Genius Recipe column so I'll check it out.
HalfPint April 16, 2020
@peter, HomesickTexan has a biscuit recipe on her blog that she unofficially calls “thwack biscuits”. In addition to being incredibly easy and quick, you get to smack the dough with a rolling pin, which is satisfying and therapeutic. Not to mention something kids and adults would enjoy. I’ll get you the recipe in a few minutes, but it should be on her blog.
HalfPint April 16, 2020
Here is the recipe: https://www.homesicktexan.com/2007/04/everythings-better-with-biscuits.html
Peter April 16, 2020
Ooh. The kids (boys, ages 6 and 8) will love getting to beat up on their food. I'll take a look. Thanks!
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