Can you use kefir as a substitute for buttermilk?

Chili for dinner, and my hubs wants to make his mom's cornbread...very southern, no sugar, no regular flour, just corn meal, eggs, buttermilk, bacon fat. Went to the store but no buttermilk. Grabbed kefir and hoping he can use it in a one to one ratio as a substitute? Or do I have to tell him to stop on the way home for the real deal?



bigpan December 5, 2011
Never tried it, but with same amt of fat, protein, and calories, I would think it would work just fine.

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susan G. December 5, 2011
I would -- consider that buttermilk is probably 1 - 2% fat, so check the kefir's fat content. You might want to dilute it a but if the fat content is higher. Also, if it's considerably thicker, also consider dilution. But as I understand the chemistry, it's going to provide an acid form of milk, and it should be delicious. Recently I made a favorite cornbread that uses yogurt with buttermilk instead, and it was wonderful.
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