I have a quick buttermilk biscuit recipe that is too tart. Can I cut the amount of buttermilk with regular milk or just add more sugar?

Debbie Rae Trudy Sarata


Smaug May 29, 2018
If they're coming out tart, you have more acidity than your leavener needs. A warning about adding sugar- if you're adding sugar at all it's because you like a sweet style biscuit, but the tartness will tend to emphasize the sweetness of the sugar; it can actually make them taste sweeter, so you could easily go over the top with it.
Emma L. May 29, 2018
You could swap out some of the buttermilk for whole or low-fat milk. (I wouldn't substitute all because you want the buttermilk's acidity to help activate the leavener.) And you can add more sugar! Either in the dough itself or even raw sugar sprinkled on top before baking.
Debbie R. May 29, 2018
Thank you so very much Emma!!! Now I can make biscuits tonight that I can actually stand to eat! :)
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