Why is printing a recipe such a problem? Each time I try and print a recipe ..... I end up with multiple pages of print and not the recipe!



bella S. December 6, 2011
I had the same problem, and then was pointed in the direction of the printer icon. I click on that, the recipe appears in a printable form, and then the printer prompt appears. I click on cancel, and then copy and paste the recipe into my recipe file. I like having it there, because I can go back and write notes or change things. let us know if it works for you. Good luck.
Grandma K. December 6, 2011
You'll have to look a little for the print button on the left hand side of the recipe. It was easier on the old site and I had trouble too.
cranberry December 7, 2011
I had trouble with this in google chrome, but in explorer it works fine.
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