Why can't I just print out a receipt and directions, why do i have to print out the narrative

I don't mind reading the whyies about each receipt i pull up. But just one time. If i want to try the receipt i must print out two or three extra pages discussing the receipt. Hay i have already done that, now let me get down to the task at hand, plus it is a waste of paper. please help i mentioned this last year

  • Posted by: Ken
  • January 7, 2020


Nancy January 8, 2020
Ken -
Yes, there is a way to print just the recipe, without making a new document in Microsoft, Google or Apple software.
Sroll down through any article about a recipe until you see the recipe title and ingredients but no directions. Slightly under and to the right of the title will be a grey box saying "View Recipe."
Click on that and you will get the recipe but not the whole article.
Colleen M. May 16, 2020
For such great recipes, there should be a print function that works.
Gammy January 7, 2020
If an online recipe interests me, I bookmark it to try at a future date in a folder within my browser. I also have subfolders within there for general dishes or ingredients (Breakfasts, Meats, Casseroles, etc.). If the recipe ends up as a keeper, I do the copy/paste of the ingredients and directions into a page layout program (Pages on a Mac for me). I also will copy a photo of the finished dish if there is one. Cuts down on printing, keeps all my newer recipes in one spot and allows me to easily make notes or changes as I cook.
Miss_Karen January 7, 2020
My only suggestion would be to copy/paste just what you want and use a 'blank' Microsoft word document etc.. I also hate having to print out the whole 9 yards of commentary.
Ken January 7, 2020
Miss Karen you are much more advanced into this 79 year old on the puter, also the answer i got was more complicated than me question, so what i am going to do is delete thiis site and stick with FOOD NETWORK which is much easior for this old gieaser to use. GOOOOOODBY
Gammy May 16, 2020
We are sorry Ken, you feel you must choose a website with easier printing recipes than one with personally recommended favorites. There are many of us who are not "spring chickens" that enjoy learning new skills... cooking or otherwise.
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