caramelizing sugar

In the Rosemary Pine Nut Brittle recipe, the first step is melting the sugar until it turns a light caramel color. Any more hints on how to know if it has reach the right consistency?

Susan P.
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1 Comment

Bevi December 8, 2011
I would go with that thought, since different stove top burners will require differing amounts of time to reach that color. Prior to getting caramel-y, the sugar will get bunchy and start to color unevenly. Then little lumps of sugar will start to dissolve. The caramel will be fairly liquid. Keep on stirring when you throw in the pine nuts, and also keep stirring until most of the butter fat is absorbed into the brittle. By all means don't let the caramel get dark. I have made this about a half dozen times and making it again tonight. I much prefer this brittle to the baking soda brittles, and it is not tooth cracking like some brittles.
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