What happened to the Food52 News?

I just went looking for my daily fix of foodie news - and no more news tab!?



ATG117 December 13, 2011
loved the news too. I was disappointed when I saw it was missing this morning.
skittle December 13, 2011
Boo! I liked the news!
Panfusine December 13, 2011
Same here, feel like I've lost something when I cant see those familiar articles (like dinner & a movie) , but thanks Alex for letting us know of the upcoming changes.
susan G. December 13, 2011
Articles are still up there, and I now use that link as my entree to what's new on the site -- for me it takes the place of the old home page.
alexlutz December 13, 2011
Hi meganvt01 and Stephanie G. We're very sorry to disappoint our hardcore news fans but we're in the process of rethinking our approach to food news. Stay tuned!
Stephanie G. December 13, 2011
Thanks for asking! I couldn't find it either this morning!
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