West Coaster Visiting Brooklyn for 2 days in December and planning a foodie tour. Recommendations for hots spots that shouldn't be missed?



nomnivorous December 15, 2011
Eataly is worth a trip, Chelsea Market is sort of fun [definitely touristy] - but there's also a market happening in Chelsea Mkt the next few weeks that has nice goods and stuff so it's a good mix of food and shopping.

But talking actually about Brooklyn! Dekalb Market in downtown BK has my most favorite cupcakes [Robiceli's] and a lot of other yummy food along with small shops. It's outdoors and made of shipping containers.

Red Hook is delish, but a trek! BAKED is an awesome bakery. Fort Defiance has good drinks and nibbles. Good Fork has good dumplings. Lobster is out there too, along with key lime pies.

Pizza at DiFara's, too!

Further advice is based on if you're looking for more casual eating or fancy eating. And where you're staying/how far you're willing to travel.
lorigoldsby December 15, 2011
"Eatly" is a great place to sample and shop. The FoodOnFoot tours..take at the beginning of your trip...Corey makes great neighborhood restaurant recommendations.
sonnelily December 15, 2011
It looks like this time around we'll be there from Dec 21-23 (Wed-Frid). If we're back on a weekend or Summer months, we'll definitely look into Smorgasburg!
sdebrango December 14, 2011
If you can get to Red Hook try The Good Fork, fantastic dumplings everything is good.

391 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
sdebrango December 14, 2011
Depending on what days you will be here you shouldn't miss smorgasburg in Williamsburg. They have gone indoors for the winter and I believe its on Sundays at the Brooklyn Brewery,
sdebrango December 14, 2011
Also the bklyn flea has moved indoors but still has great food vendors its at 1 hanson place in Ft. Greene Saturdays and Sundays.
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