Cookie Recipe rescue! Added too much melted chocolate to batter....

I read my chocolate chunk recipe wrong and accidentally melted down 24 oz of chocolate to put into the batter ( instead of 12 melted in and 12 stirred in). The batter is currently too soft bake- how do I go about salvaging this mix? I instinctively want to add more flour until the consistency looks right, but my flour mixture of course had other ingredients in it, and then there were eggs...

  • Posted by: Cookie16
  • December 17, 2011


sdebrango December 17, 2011
I would make another batch minus the melted chocolate and combine. You cannot add just flour all the ingredients must be present in order for the cookie dough to work. I don't know which recipe you made but if it were me I would in essence double the recipe.
Cookie16 December 22, 2011
I received your answer a little late and did go with my instinct to try more flour. I was very skeptical and oddly, they were the hit of the 6 different cookies I made! They were sticky inside and kind of brownie like in consistency with a crispy exterior. Go figure.
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