my brownies have egg bits in them

To make these brownies I whisk dry ingredients, melt chocolate with butter, and then whisk eggs and sugar into the melted chocolate. I do feel they eggs are thoroughly incorporated before I move to the next step, and I test the chocolate to make sure it is hot when I add them, but the recipe always comes out with egg bits in the brownies. It's the Baked recipe from the Baked cookbook. I have made these about 10 times, and it always happens! I love the brownies and they are still very tasty, but it's embarrasing to have those egg bits in them. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong???

Stephanie G


cranberry December 5, 2011
what if you temper the egg/sugar mixture by adding a bit of the chocolate/butter to it first, stir it up, then add it all back into the rest of the chocolate?
Merrill S. December 5, 2011
I'm wondering if you might want to try whisking together the eggs and sugar, and then add them to the chocolate and butter. If the chocolate doesn't feel hot, it really should be okay -- but whisking the sugar with the eggs first may help to stabilize them a bit more. Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer!
Stephanie G. December 5, 2011
Yes, and I whisk each egg individually. The last time I made them I whisked all the eggs together before I added them little by little and still had egg bits. How cool should the chocolate be? It is not warm when I check but I maybe I should check with a therometer? Maybe it's warmer toward the bottom of the bowl?
Merrill S. December 5, 2011
I actually wondered if you meant that -- should have asked! Not sure what to say. Do you whisk together the sugar and eggs separately before adding to the chocolate and butter?
Stephanie G. December 5, 2011
I should have proof read my question! I meant to say I check the chocolate to make sure it isn't hot before I add the eggs.
Merrill S. December 5, 2011
Is the chocolate really hot when you add the eggs and sugar? If so, it's likely cooking the egg prematurely, leading to those little bits in the brownies. I'd recommend cooling the melted chocolate and butter so that they're nearly room temp before adding the sugar and eggs.
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