Crust for cassoulet

Am making cassoulet as we speak and will shortly put it in the oven with a crumb crust (panko). There will be enough for another meal, but will the crumbs get soggy? Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • December 17, 2011


DebJ December 18, 2011
that's a good idea. thank you.
bella S. December 18, 2011
When you reheat you can always add another layer of panko.
DebJ December 17, 2011
Thanks... just about to put it in the oven.
Greenstuff December 17, 2011
You're less at risk with panko than with other crumbs, but if you're worried, eat the crust for the first meal and just eat from the bottom for the second. Not to worry, it will still be delicious.
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