Soggy crust on my lemon bar

I made about two days ago - my first time making lemon bar. When it came out of the oven, the crust was tender and flaky, and the filling was amazing - great! After one night in the fridge, the top half of the crust started to get soggy. Today, I found the crust was soft and soggy. Is this normal, or is there a way to make the crust stays tender? I know that in making pie, you can brush the crust with egg white to help prevent sogginess, but I didn't see any review in the recipe having this complain. Any help/advice would be appreciated!



ChezHenry November 6, 2014
I think you are on to the correct idea. Basically you have a lemon curd pie-give your eggwash idea a try. Additionally, perhaps you didn't blind bake it long enough?
foofaraw November 6, 2014
Thanks for the reply! I am pretty sure it is 350deg, 20 minutes, or at least the crust is already brownish.
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