Going camping this weekend and tired of the usual (burgers, hot dogs, steak, et cetera. I've done tandoori chicken before and fajitas as well) Any ideas for a cook-stove or grill that's easy enough with a twist?

  • Posted by: SweetTea
  • November 11, 2010


SweetTea November 12, 2010
Thanks so much for the great suggestions! I'll be able to take the camp cooking up a notch now and get out of the rut we've been in. Cheers.
Soozll November 11, 2010
Whoops! I should have added that you make one of these packets for each person. Or..better yet, let them assemble their own!. Maybe that went without saying?
Soozll November 11, 2010
Hobo pot roast! A large double thick piece of buttered foil. Place a couple of thick slices of onion on the center, top with a cube steak or a burger sprinkled with worchestershire, salt and pepper. Top that with cubed potatoes and baby carrots and a pat of butter and wrap it up tightly. Some recipes call for a sprinkling the whole thing with a tsp of dry gravy mix, Place on the grill or coals for about 45 minutes to an hour. .Make one or two extra; one for testing, both just to offer extra!
Kayb November 11, 2010
I love chicken, or fish, with veggies in aluminum foil packets just tossed in the fire (or on the grill) for dinner. You can make up the packets in advance and take them in the cooler; I enjoy chicken, diced potatos, diced squash, and herbs. For breakfast, there's just nothing better than bacon and over easy eggs and campfire coffee, all of which taste marvelous outdoors on a cool morning.
aargersi November 11, 2010
We usually do breakfast tacos in the morning - prep you onion, bell pepper and tomato in advance, then just cook them in a big pan with chorizo, add eggs, and wrap it all up with cheese and salsa in warm flour tortillas. And good camp coffee. And may as well bring along some pastries too!!
askann November 11, 2010
A friend did a side of salmon with lemon and herbs
pierino November 11, 2010
Quinoa works really well for camping. Easy to carry. Bring some bouillion cubes if you don't want to carry canned broth. Maybe some pine nuts and dried fruit to throw in. Quinoa is high in protein and fiber.
Ophelia November 11, 2010
We've made stuffed bell peppers while camping before, they do very well on the grill and the filling can be prepared ahead.
rpenovich November 11, 2010
We go camping on Labor Day every year with loads of kids so like to keep the amount we carry light and simple but still want tasty food. A delicious quesadilla (pre-grate your cheese and use a mix of 4 kinds) was a big hit and easy to do with the campstove skillet. We also did Italian turkey meatballs (just bought them from the store), simmered in tomato sauce in cast iron pot--another hit with the kids. If I were being adventurous, I'd make lamb kofta kebabs (shape them on skewers ahead of time and pack them in a giant ziplock bag in the cooler) and do those on the grill with some tsasiki and naan. Have fun in the woods!
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