What's a good recipe for ground moose?

Any yummy ways to prepare moose?



java&foam December 20, 2011
for some reason the formatting totally screwed with the link...so i shortened it for you. here's the new link

java&foam December 20, 2011
I agree with John N. From what I have found online (disclaimer that I have never eaten moose before) is that all recipes that use it are cooked slowly and since it is a meat that is naturally lower in fat, gets lots of its flavor from what its cooked with.

So far, I have seen it used most commonly in chili...however some adventurous cooks have turned it into meatballs seasoned with honey, soy sauce and garlic (affectionately named "moose balls"), stuffed in bell peppers and pasta or even classed up with some curry and eggplant.

The most important thing I have to share with you is a link to a book called "The Moose Cookbook : Over 100 Ways to Cook Moose Meat" and many of them have painfully heavy handed puns like "Moose-saka". The author seems to be very enthusiastic about the subject...so one can only hope the recipes are to match. The link below will take you to a google book preview of the book, where you can see half the recipes in it without needing to purchase or get the actual book...and many of them use ground moose.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck with your moose meat!

John N. December 19, 2011
Moose meat lends itself to slow cooking and fresh ground black pepper. I would brown the meat with your favorite sausage, garlic, green peppers and onions and toss it all in a crock pot with stewed tomatoes and some good oregano. Be sure to add ground black pepper and let it simmer for several hours. You will have a great basic sauce that may be used for many types of cooking.
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