My Madeleines are sticking to the pans!

Making Rose Levy Beranbaum's chocolate Madeleines but they won't come cleanly out of the pans. Using a non-stick pan. First used cooking spray, then switched to coating the pan liberally with soft butter. Still not releasing cleanly with the ridges well defined. Anyone know the magic trick to perfect Ms?

Lucy's Mom


sdebrango December 19, 2011
Not sure why they are sticking if you coated the pan adequately. You have to make sure that you get every little groove well buttered. I sometimes sprinkle some sugar over the butter. My advise woud be to butter it well, getting into every groove and try sprinkling with sugar. Good luck and hope it works for you. Love chocolate Madeieines.
sdebrango December 19, 2011
Also make sure the cooking time is adequate. I know its a fine line between done and over done just keep an eye on them. Just a thought!
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