Green pan assistance needed for cooking eggs.

I eat two eggs, preferably over easy, for breakfast almost everyday. I bought a green pan this summer and I am struggling with perfecting my eggs. The pan has several rules: 1. No spray oil, which causes a residue build up. So I purchased an oil mister, which I filled with grape seed oil. 2. Put the fat in the pan while the pan is cold, not hot. I don't like any color on my eggs nor do I like any clear jiggly parts, truly over easy. The problems I am having are the pan is too cold and the eggs stick to it, the pan is too hot and overcooks or browns the eggs, the eggs do not cook through, sometimes a combination of the three. I find if I use butterI am more able to cook the eggs to my liking, that said I don't always want butter, the flavor can overpower the eggs. Your thoughts appreciated.

Summer of Eggplant


Emily K. December 18, 2019
Thanks for your post :). These pans are a favorite among our staff & community, and we do find it super important to pre-heat them before adding any ingredients (as Lori mentioned below) and to use enough fat in the pan (sounds like you might just need a bit more). If your eggs continue to stick though, please feel free to write us at [email protected]—happy to do some more troubleshooting!
Lori T. December 18, 2019
I don't own a green pan, but here are my thoughts. First, you might consider adding a spoon of water to your pan after you oil it. The oil and water should come to a bubbly stage before you add the eggs. The water will help gently steam the egg and prevent browning during the time it takes to set the white portion. It also makes it a bit easier to do the flip. I suspect the reason you have better luck with butter than with straight oil is because butter already contains a small amount of water. Otherwise, it's a matter of learning to understand temperature regulation with your particular pan. One other suggestion would be to slightly warm the pan before adding fat- the old story is hot pan/cold oil to prevent sticking. It works for woks and other pan types, and will likely work best for yours.
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