I have a ton of Brussels sprouts that I'm worried won't keep until Christmas. Could I cook them in advance and freeze them or would that chan



Greenstuff December 21, 2011
Since we're only days from Christmas, I'm agreeing with others that they should be fine. No way would I could a Brussels sprout early, and if they're almost gone now...well, they'd be as good as gone in my book.
mainecook61 December 21, 2011
No need for desperate measures as they keep very well. I just picked the last of them from the garden last week and I know they will be fine for Christmas dinner. Like cabbages, they hold well in a cold place.
Jain S. December 21, 2011
Another super yummy option is to pickle them
Cookie16 December 22, 2011
You wouldn't have a recipe for that, would you?
Jain S. December 24, 2011
Unfortunately not...just remembering an awesome farmers market find!
bigpan December 21, 2011
You can cut the sprouts into strips and sauté with bacon bits in olive oil and butter. Cook 90 percent, freeze or store in a ziplock and reheat for the big meal.

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Amanda H. December 21, 2011
Or, if you store them in sealed plastic bags in the produce drawer of your fridge, they'll keep until Christmas. I've kept Brussels sprouts this way for up to 2 weeks.
sdebrango December 21, 2011
I just got a ton of vegetables in my CSA box yesterday including brussell sprouts, I cleaned, blanched and then froze them. In my opinion you can do that and they will be just fine. Your sentence got cut off so I don't know the rest of the question.
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