What is the spiciest sauce in the world

  • Posted by: cklauber
  • December 24, 2011


SKK December 24, 2011
The hottest pepper in the world is now the HP22B pepper grown in South Carolina. Make a sauce out of this and it will be hot.

"A chili pepper so outrageously hot that it makes 2 in 3 people who eat it throw up is about to hit online stores."

"Your heart will race, you'll sweat. You might shake, you might throw up. But once it gets into your blood stream and gets into your brain the capsaicin releases the same endorphins that narcotics do. So you get a euphoric feeling." http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2011/11/11/142239331/man-on-a-mission-create-the-worlds-hottest-chile
bigpan December 24, 2011
Any sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers will take the top of your head off. Google scoville as the measure of heat in peppers.
Amanda H. December 24, 2011
Not sure but I think it must be in Sri Lanka -- went there a few years ago and wow are their curries spicy.
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