Has anyone made the Ottolenghi 'worlds best chocolate cake' - does it live up to name?

  • Posted by: Judy
  • October 7, 2017


Kim January 12, 2019
This cake has a deep chocolate flavor but it is too crumbly. I would make another choice.
Judy January 12, 2019
Thanks Kim, I went ahead and made it, and had the same result as you! Based on other replies, there are better cakes out there.
Stephanie G. August 8, 2018
The best chocolate cake is Ruth Reichl's the Cake that Cures Everything. Google it. You will love it. I have made many, many chocolate cakes and this one always pleases everyone.
Kerry August 7, 2018
I agree with Judy below. It's a tender but very crumbly cake. The cake has a deep chocolate/cocoa flavour. I think it needs the ganache or a sweet chocolate frosting to go with it. Short answer to the original question: No.
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David T. February 8, 2018
Yes it is--easy and a real crowd-pleaser (for a food-savvy crowd)

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Judy October 11, 2017
I decided to go ahead and make this to answer my own question. This is an easy cake to make, great for the serious chocolate lovers. It seems very crumbly when cutting, but it is a moist crumb and the ganache very good. I am not sure I can proclaim it 'worlds best' but I will make it again.
BerryBaby October 9, 2017
Haven't made this one but have made (for over 30 years) Betty Crockers Best Ever Chocolate cake and it is!
creamtea August 8, 2018
BB, can you share that recipe?? My mother has (or had--I'll have to see if she brought it from the old house when she moved) the original Betty Crocker cookbook from the early '60s. Is that the one you have?
marianne August 9, 2018
Berry baby please post if possible! I googled Betty Crocker’s Best Ever Chocolate Cake and an astonishing number of different chocolate cake recipes come up. I’d like to try the one you’ve used. Thanks!
Nan August 10, 2018
Can you share the recipe please !!
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