Best ideas for toddler food to make at home?

Looking for simple healthy things to make at home for our 17 month old. Thanks! We usually do frozen veggies. Eggs. Tofu. Pasta with ground beef etc. sny other ideas?



WeLike2Cook December 28, 2011
Two overlooked food items that are wonderfully healthy for kids are avocado and mango served diced or mashed. My boys loved both as babies and toddlers. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower are great finger foods that transition to adult palates as well. Here's how we roast ours:
Amanda H. December 28, 2011
Yes, kids really love roasted vegetables. The sweetness balances some of the bitter and that seems to work well for their palates. Thanks for the reminder, Romeocucina.
Bevi December 28, 2011
My kids ( now 30 and 26) always ate what we ate, and we adjusted seasonings as needed. As your little one gets older, let her/him help in the kitchen. Enjoying the fruits of one's own labor starts at a very early age!
Stephanie G. December 27, 2011
My daughter loved hummus and home made pita bread at that age. At that age they are willing to put anything in their mouth. Just put food out in front of her that is healthy & be nonchalant. Also, unless it has alchohol or is a choking hazard, I think children can eat whatever the parents are eating.
Amanda H. December 27, 2011
Completely agree -- they can and should eat what you're eating. Otherwise you begin a very difficult to reverse system of "kid food" and "adult food" -- and it creates division at the table at home, and also out in the world.
Amanda H. December 27, 2011
I fed my kids lots of foods like this: AND AND (leave out the ground red pepper; kids love dipping things)
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