A question about Beef Marrow Bones.

I've never made beef marrow bones but will be picking some up tomorrow for NYE. I haven't seen the product and don't have any marrow spoons.
Should I ask the butcher to cut them laterally if they're long? Or Cut into 2 inch high cylinders and use a cocktail fork?
What's the best method of cooking and seasoning them? Heat and time?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • December 29, 2011

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Amanda Hesser
Amanda Hesser December 29, 2011

Sam, here's a recipe from Fergus Henderson -- I've made it several times; the salad is key, sharpens up the whole dish. It calls for 2-inch cylinders but you could go either way. I find a dinner knife or espresso spoon works well for getting out the marrow, but if you don't have either then have the butcher cut them laterally and simply roast them for few minutes less. http://www.nytimes.com...

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Sam1148 December 29, 2011

Excellent. I didn't think of using a parsley salad as a garnish with the marrow and toast; and that sounds great!
Now, I'll have to ask if they have veal marrow bones tomorrow.

We're also having crab legs (or lobster) and making eggs Benedict for the morning. I think I may have to up the Lipitor dose for New Years.

sdebrango December 29, 2011

Sounds really delish Sam, some of my favorite foods.

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