British names for American counterparts in cuts of beef

Hey guys,
Wanted to make the cooks illustrated recipe for Best Old Fashion Burgers. Within the recipe it explains how to grind your own beef to make the patties. The problem is that I can't find the British name counterpart for the two cuts I need. Anybody know what the british call the beef cut, for what the American's call sirloin steak tips and boneless beef short ribs? I've tried asking the "butchers" here (in the British Virgin Islands) and my British friends to no avail. Thanks



Sam1148 October 23, 2014
It's not British Vs American thing. The "Short Rib" cut is difficult to find in Mainland America too (at most supermarkets).
Take a look at this google hit:
Most of those are 'short rib' and most them are not even like the others.

Okay..forget the 'short rib' thing. Get some good chuck roast and make 3 grinds. one very fine with the really fat bits (because a good burger needs fat)..and a another grind with the major meat in a medium grind. ..and then a final grind with just rough chop of the nicely marbled bits.

The "Short rib" thing is well defined anywhere US or UK. Go to a Mexican Market and get short ribs...they're flanken cut 1/4 inch..go to a walmart and get short's another product. etc..etc.

Sam1148 October 23, 2014
That should be "Not well Defined". As we see things 'short rib' here that can be several things.

But then again I slum in wal-mart. I tend to go a google image serach of the cut I want and then match it up with whatevery local stuff has.

If you have a phone. Save the pic and show that to the butcher at your store. It might have diffrent names etc.
Picture....1000 words..etc.

skenny89 October 22, 2014
Thanks for the tips guys, i'll keep looking. the problem is the grocery stores here are strange and a little shady with they way they are run. mostly the people in the meat department don't really butcher they just set out the meat which arrives but boat already butchered and usually frozen, they were as lost as I was.
Susan W. October 19, 2014
I think your best bet is to Google each one and see which translation sounds familiar to you and/or your butcher. I have friends in Scotland, Ireland and England and in our culinary conversations, we have discovered even the UK has different names for the same cut. It's the same in the US. Depends on the region.

Two things come to mind. I don't think Britain has short ribs. Plus you want boneless to grind into burger. You could use Chuck steak. They are close in proximity to each other and the flavor and fat content are similar. Sirloin tips are not really from the sirloin. They are actually part of the round. I think part of the top round, but I forget the details.
amysarah October 19, 2014
Sorry, can't be of much help with translation in general, but just wanted to mention that short ribs are definitely available in the UK. I had them in London a couple of years ago, and am pretty sure I saw them fairly often on menus.
Susan W. October 19, 2014
Amysarah, this is a conversation I had with someone in Dublin, Edinburgh and York in the last 3 months, but no one in London, so it's very possible they are available in London restaurants. Also, I think what is available to restaurants is not always available to home cooks. Just a thought.
AntoniaJames October 19, 2014
Maybe you could show them these diagrams to work through it: . I suspect that others here who are more knowledgable than I am about this may be able to help. ;o)
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